October 9, 20178:44 pm
The most important video you can watch on the human race. https://t.co/tiFSBry353
October 5, 20171:33 pm
“They miss school because they’re tired, or don’t have money for bus fare, or they’re ashamed because they have... https://t.co/xersfYUBwI
September 26, 20173:39 pm
KKGS has partnered up with Sofar Sounds !! Apply for this show, listen to amazing music and support the cause you... https://t.co/h8RLYp6n09
September 25, 201712:23 pm
Thank you all so much for making our Pajama Party such a blast and raising awareness for an important cause!... https://t.co/Y6mwPUJv4s
September 14, 20172:20 pm
"I'm not a bum, I'm a human" We need to start viewing our neighbors as neighbors and work together to make a... https://t.co/AwXciO4EQ9
September 11, 20179:44 am
One in seven New York City students will likely experience homelessness during elementary school, according to a... https://t.co/kMuqcZN0F3
September 2, 201711:40 pm
OPEN BAR + help the homeless !! Buy your tickets ❤🎉💃✨ https://t.co/HCuCP99Sv0
August 30, 201711:53 pm
Want to party in your PJs, with a live DJ AND open bar FOR A GOOD CAUSE? We gotchu covered!!! https://t.co/no00sm0Mfe
June 16, 20176:14 pm
There aren't enough people out there talking about the children experiencing homelessness. Thank you to this... https://t.co/vosGhD46gH
June 16, 20176:10 pm
There aren't enough people out there talking about the children experiencing homelessness. Thank you to this... https://t.co/aosDSTAG1s
June 16, 201711:54 am
Thank You @generalelectric for collecting so many socks for us!!!! You guys rock! Keep lighting up the world 💡🌎❤... https://t.co/Y8TpfhHEXo
June 14, 20171:30 pm
The realities of starting a non-profit... The truth is everything above the water makes every second below the... https://t.co/thSlQwe5JS
June 13, 201711:52 am
Thank you @jpmorgan for collecting over 5,000 pairs of socks for those in need this winter!!! And thank you Dory... https://t.co/D4am8qjUZ6
June 12, 20173:05 pm

Thank you Bustle for bringing the realities of homelessness to the... https://t.co/E9Oy9zrlYc
June 12, 201711:11 am
"if you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something." -... https://t.co/Xg0ia73vYV
May 24, 20174:18 pm
“Just because I am homeless doesn’t mean I haven’t got a heart, or I’m not human... https://t.co/jbUPW3EiF5
March 13, 20175:25 pm
All of our success with Knock Knock Give a Sock and our “Meet Your Neighbors” Dinners would not have been... https://t.co/NEP5yF0OIh
March 6, 20172:51 pm
Big News to Make you SMILE: Support KKGS while you shop!
https://t.co/Re5hvEP46Z https://t.co/wxXv7HKDff
February 17, 201710:39 am
January 24, 201712:51 pm
January 23, 20176:24 pm
Give back on Jan. 29th for National Muffin Day. Share a photo with #givemuffins, donate to homeless and dollars... https://t.co/uWImAps734
January 17, 201712:52 pm
Homelessness does not only affect adults, 25% of those who are homeless are under the age of 18! 1 out of 30... https://t.co/0JHOHiYWA7
January 15, 201712:28 pm
KKGS may not have gotten the @echoinggreen fellowship this year, however it is not definitive of the work KKGS... https://t.co/zlHZEHQR6w
December 15, 20166:39 pm
Thanks Arlene for spending this week knitting for those in need this winter and donating hats, gloves, scarves... https://t.co/zYG8FbAX81
December 8, 20168:40 pm
December 5, 201611:16 am
Thank you UCLA HIllel for warming the world and collecting so many socks !! https://t.co/jPAkQAST5s
November 29, 201610:28 am
SO close to our goal! Help KKGS finish on #givingtuesday -> We've come so far with all your support! We've grown... https://t.co/Jt4cLWA1xN

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