December 18, 20161:44 pm
December 18, 20161:24 pm
The pope having his very own meet your neighbors dinner! There's more to be done than just giving

November 15, 20163:27 pm
People experiencing homeless vs. homeless people. Your choice of words matter. https://t.co/xGjuzBe86o
October 29, 20162:53 pm
Important read... It's for the kids. https://t.co/pAqAZjhxGi
October 10, 20169:55 am
Today is World Homeless Day. Learn more and see how you can make a difference here - https://t.co/WbYkyKA48G
September 19, 20169:39 pm
Why do we run MYND? b/cBefore any tangible results can be seen,the stigma associated w/ homelessness must be reduced https://t.co/9BkN2mrq5d
September 15, 201611:16 am
This amazing non-profit helps connect people experiencing homelessness with their loved ones. Sign up to help here! https://t.co/jUGcAetkZe

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