How Can I Get My College Involved?

The best way to get your college involved is by signing up to become a College Rep for KKGS. As a College Rep you can get involved on a small scale or on a larger scale. Those who would like to get involved on small scale simply knock on every door on the floor of their dorm and collect one pair of socks from their neighbors. Those who want to get involved on a larger scale get friends to do the same thing on their floors, and in other dorms. College Reps then bring the socks to a drop-off location on campus where Knock Knock, Give A Sock will pick them up. Our ultimate goal? Get every door in the school’s dorms knocked on. Want to do things differently? Let us know how you’d like to get your college involved with Knock Knock, Give A Sock!


How Can I Get My High School, Office, or Apartment Building Involved?

Sign up and we will send you our logo to put on your bins. If you are located in NYC, we will pick up the socks on the last day of your drive. Not located in NYC? No worries! Contact us and we will put you in contact with your local shelter. Bring the bin to the front office/lobby of your school, office, or apartment building. Sign up with us here and we will arrange to have the bin picked up. Encourage your colleagues and classmates to get to know the neighbors in their hometowns by having them knock on their doors in order to collect more socks!